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Cause & Effect 36 x 36

Cause & Effect 36 x 36

"Cause & Effect" is a 36 x 48 One-of-a-kind original abstract painting.  Beautiful range of orange, red, yellow, brown, gold, and gold leaf. My Behind the Veil series speaks to the hidden, what we cannot “see” trusting in our other senses and going beyond the bounds. Perceiving the world apart from black & white the subtleties in the multitudes of grays, the in-between zone. Cracks in space open new doors of perception. Each piece is created with many layers of acrylic paint and gold leaf to create depth, texture, and beauty wherever they are placed… gallery-wrapped and ready to hang.


  • Shipping & Handling

    Paintings will be shipped via FedEx Ground
    INTERNATIONAL shipping please contact me for shipping costs

    The colors and textures shown are as close to the real deal as possible, but the pieces are so much better in person because there are details and colors in them that the camera simply cannot pick up. My customers are typically delighted and then some, once they receive the real time piece.

    Due to the cost of shipping, handling time and the pieces…I will accept returns within 7 days of receipt of the artwork…

    The return shipping costs are paid for by the customer.

    Please know I pride myself on 100% customer satisfaction for over 20 years.

    Should you have any questions or concerns or want to chat before a purchase

    Please contact me or 970.389.8996.

    I want you HAPPY:)

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