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Worlds within Worlds

Worlds within Worlds series speaks to guidance into new worlds, paradigm shifts, Energy, vibration, multiple dimensions, timelines, symbology, color...Love

Behind the Veil

Behind the Veil, speaks to the hidden, what we cannot “see” trusting in our other senses and going beyond the bounds. Perceiving the world apart from black & white the subtleties in the multitudes of grays, the in-between zone.  Cracks in space open new doors of perception.


Formlessness series speaks to expansion consciousness. Discovering new aspects, the spark within. Moving into the quantum field, present moment awareness, and freedom…Melding back and forth from form to formlessness…a continual dance.

Navigating New Terrain

Navigating New Terrain series speaks to the evolution happening with and on our planet.  Becoming conscious of inevitable change…shifts in resonance, frequencies, vibrations…energy.  How can we heal the earth and ourselves by moving forward with understanding, love, and compassion.

Whispers from the Universe

Whispers from the Universe series speaks to the deepest places within, silence, darkness, safety, shadow and duality. Transformation and transmutation of old worn-out beliefs, programs and perceptions. A place to witness, let go,

co-create and step into the mystery…

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